About To-Ta

So; why should you bring your classic motor vehicle to To-Ta Classics Ltd for maintenance, repair and restoration?

Well firstly, the ‘To’ is Townshend.

Fuzz Townshend, the time-served (WMPTE) former bus mechanic, tech’ journo, editor and presenter of TV’s ‘Car SOS’ who decided that writing about classic cars wasn’t enough for readers and so got into the dirty bits of business, while keeping his hands on the spanners, with the intention of developing the best experience for those requiring assistance with their cherished motor vehicles.

Phew. Long sentence over.

And Ta?

Well, that’s Dave Tassell, a guy with a reputation for fathoming some of the deepest conundrums when recommissioning classic cars. He’s a straight talking guy, with an unfortunate passion for buying cars, so please, don’t tempt him.

Fuzz and Dave have hand picked a brilliant team of artisans, whose greatest desire is to bring your classic motor vehicle back to life and health, whether it be a simple, basic lubrication service, through to a complete, managed restoration plan.

To-Ta Classics Ltd isn’t the cheapest per-hour, but we pride ourselves on realistic timescales for work commissioned.

For instance, as an example, To-Ta Classics Ltd would expect to charge out approximately 4 hours for a head gasket change and basic head clean up and check on an everyday 1950s to 1970s classic car.

If your project is set to be a long affair, hours-wise, we’re happy to negotiate.

Whether you’re an oily rag, smart-casual, or shine fanatic, we’re the guys you should talk to first.

Tea, coffee and, if you’re lucky, perhaps a biscuit, if you want to come around for a chat about your car.

Look forward to meeting you.

Fuzz Townshend and Dave Tassell
Directors: To-Ta Classics Ltd

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